Thursday, July 24

Beaverhausen's Favorite New Show - As Queer Eye gets ready to hit the prime time masses, salty old fairy Richard Goldstein offers his take in the Village Voice.

Even an unreconstructed class-warfare Marxist like Goldstein seems hard pressed to dislike the show. Although we get the usual whines about commericalism (capitalism = bad), Goldstein shockingly seems okay with it -- if that's what it takes to get the orientations to just get along. He almost relishes the fun-loving gay acceptance at the heart of the show, including the way it is embraced by the straight fashion victim. (Insert grumbles here about editing and the fakeness of reality TV.)

In an odd side-bar, Goldstein disputes the idea that gays in general have any more style sense than straights, going on to explain the hip-hop jailyard origin of true macho fashion. A fashion victim himself, just how does he know that, again?

PS - My former girlfriend wrote me this week just to tell me she loves the show. Middle America, here we come.

PPS - Bookmark the hints and tips section of the QE website now. It's so useful!