Monday, November 4

Mardis Gras on Steroids - To mollify Ben, I'm linking to the Gay Games VI, the international gay and lesbian amateur sports and cultural festival that just kicked off in Sydney, Australia (the San Francisco of the western Pacific Rim). Jamie had considered attending with a U.S. rugby contingent but the Renegades failed to enthusiastically back the pricey and logistically complicated trip. Unsurprisingly in the world of gay mega-events, the big news in advance of the opening ceremonies was money woes.

Be sure to tune in to the dedicated OutSports coverage for the latest news and hottest photos. Twink fans should be on the lookout for Genre cover model Mike Crosby, competing in water polo for the Americans. Also, for an unusual angle on the perennial Olympic saga of national identity in the face of comradely competition, check out this NY Times perspectives piece.