Monday, September 9

Forbidden Thoughts - During a week that's sure to be filled with much reflection, I think it's fascinating to read some of the more traditional pieces in conjunction with this article from Salon that reveals the forbidden thoughts from September 11th -- the very real, self-centered, unvarnished but truthful points of view that many of us share about that day. At the risk of being crucified, I completed identified with the magazine editor who found "object lessons in why one should never aspire to be a model employee" in reading accounts of why people were at the World Trade Center that morning. Recognizing that I work in a single-story building, the thought has crossed my mind a few times this week, as I've read articles in Newsweek and USA Today, that if something terrible happened to the building next door to my office and I had the opportunity to escape, I would run. The coward and self-preservationist in me wouldn't keep me at my desk if an explosion occurred nearby, no matter what announcement might come over the loudspeaker. However, that makes my admiration for courageous people like Welles Crowther even more strong.